Electric Prop and Hum Freestyle (2017-18).  Maria Hupfield and guest Tusia Dabrowska with additional sound design by Wiktor Podgorski.
Electric Prop and Hum Freestyle is a multi-media collaborative performance piece by Maria Hupfield and Tusia Dabrowska. During this performance, the pair surveys the land, identifies boundaries, and outlines a non-colonizing relationship to territory. Then, they turn to literal self-reflection to negotiate desire and aging. It is through solidarity between indigenous and non-indigenous as Anishinaabek First Nation and American immigrant that the artists see a path to overcome commodification of self and all of our relations. They use this moment to create a space for Otherized identities and finally to build a community always with an eye toward liberation.Throughout the performance, the artists activate a selection of handmade items made of wooden beams and industrial felt modified with sound making components. Using scored and un-scored movement accompanied by live experimental electronic music with layered vocalizations and spoken word Hupfield and Dabrowska aim to fully activate the space. This focused exploration continues to expand the artists’ interest in the intersections of media and performance to create an immersive environment, and to act out and imagine land, language, gender, and commodity towards the possibility of liberation.This video includes selected documentation from 3 performances by Maria Hupfield and Tusia Dabrowska, including:
11.30.2017 MAD Museum
12.06.2017 The Gibney Dance Theater
07.03.2018 The Bric Media House.

(c) tusia dabrowska