I work at the intersection of storytelling, performance, video and emerging media. My projects often begin with investigations into in-between states, hybrid beings, and communities in flux. I am drawn to the unruly, errored and soft. I tell stories that trace slippages between the real and the imaginary. My work is collaborative and devised. It lives in public and digital spaces, and it has been presented in festivals, galleries, art centers, museums, and theaters.

Explorations in sound-text, spatial narration, interactive audio, and public sound art have led me to live performance and subsequently to video / emerging technologies. Considerations of different recording tools––their potential and limitations––to transmit, distort, and archive, or the issues of translatability of embodied presence in mediated contexts, inform my practice. Reconfigurations and awkward pairings are at the core of my work. I find kinship with artists who challenge systems, and I try to work in dialogue with my femme predecessors and alternative histories. In turn, I strive to ensure that those who participate in my work feel included and represented regardless of their skill level. I welcome fissures in reality that invite speculative modes, intuit migrant futurisms, and create dream-like experiences. I embrace failure.

In every space I select for myself in work and life, I am reminded how resistance is not linear. I also consider what it means to challenge oneself under capitalism and embrace the exuberance of process.

Contact: tusiadabrowska@gmail.com

(c) tusia dabrowska