Reconfigurations and awkward pairings are at the core of my work. I tell stories that archive my present and shifting ideas of a techno-human hybrid body, interrogate boundaries between the real and the imaginary, and build toward an acknowledgement of peripheral perspectives and transnationality. I work with text and in mediated performance spanning audio, video art, web, and ML models. My projects address geometries of dislocation, techno-alienation, and the diasporic experience. They build on Eastern European and Ashkenazi folk aesthetics as well as the histories of feminist art in the United States. I am drawn to the unruly, errored and soft, and I welcome fissures in reality that invite speculative modes and imagine migrant futurisms. I embrace failure.

In every space I select for myself in work and life, I am reminded how resistance is not linear. I consider what it means to challenge oneself under capitalism and embrace the exuberance of process.


(c) tusia dabrowska