I am drawn to the unruly, errored and soft. I welcome intuitions, fissures in reality and future orientations. I embrace failure.

Life in capitalist ruins and realities emerging from our relationship to folk epistemologies and intelligences different from our own are at the core of my practice. I work with text and in mediated contexts spanning audio, video, mixed reality, and ML models. My process is rooted in methods that echo the slow media approach, and often includes extensive, interview-based research and/or collaborations with thinkers, researchers and other makers. My projects work through the cartographies of dislocation, alienation of techno-hybrids, and cross-generational traumas.

In every space I select for myself in work and life, I am reminded how resistance is not linear. I consider what it means to challenge oneself under capitalism and embrace the exuberance of process.

Contact: IG @tusiadabrowska

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