I work at the intersection of storytelling, performance and media. My projects often begin with investigations into in-between states, hybrid beings, and communities in flux. I tell stories that trace slippages between the real and the imaginary, and create site-responsive immersions. My work is devised and collaborative. I construct dream-like experiences.

Explorations in sound-text, spatial narration, interactive audio, and public sound art informed my transition to live performance and subsequently to video and new technologies. My aesthetic mixes pop culture and experimental media aesthetics. I try to learn from other women. And, in turn, I strive to ensure that those who participate in my work feel included and represented regardless of their skill level. I embrace failure.

In every space I select for myself in work and life, I am reminded how resistance is not linear. I also consider what it means to challenge oneself under capitalism and embrace the exuberance of process.

Contact: tusiadabrowska@gmail.com

(c) tusia dabrowska