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AI Cosmologies:
DystopiaNY (upcoming). Video.

Elastic borders:
The Uttermost Boundary (2022). Video.
Elastic borders:
Zones of Exclusion (upcoming). Video.

Jewish Futurism: 
My Imaginary Friends (2022).
Audio, 3D models.
AI Cosmologies:
A FAKE ORIGINAL (2021-22). ML models.

Hybrid Body:
UNSETTLED (ongoing). ML model.
MOLECULAR GLITCHES (2021). Photo collage.
ON THE EDGE (2021). Scroll-triggred animation.
Personal Records:
AMBIENT (work in progress). Audio, video.
MAGNETORECEPTION (2021). Audio, video & volumetric video.
FIRST WORLD PASSPORTS (2021). Audio, video, animation.

TEMP. FILES (ongoing). A video publishing cooperative, online publication, streaming site, and remote residency.

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