Power Plants is a collection of speculative species based on the plant life in the Wave Hill greenhouse. It is located at the intersection of fantasies of domination over nature and industrial contamination.

Advancements in technology, expansionist/colonial practices, ideas of domination over nature and fascination with scientific documentation informed the wave of botanical gardens constructed in Western capitals, including Berlin, London and New York during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Fantasies of constructing spaces where climate and nature are controlled by humans continue to inform much of our progress, including space exploration. These fantasies of control are intertwined with practices of climate destruction brought upon by industrialization.

This collection of manufactured plants is submerged in a sound bed that points to the ongoing extinction of insects. It is estimated that due to human activity 40% of all insect species are extinct and that a third of them are endangered (population decline). The very real loss and the fantasy of coping and control come together in this installation to show the fallacies of the colonial mind and to inspire reorganization.

(c) tusia dabrowska