“I No Longer Believe We’re Good People” is a short film about my and Wiktor’s trip to Białowieża, a national park between Poland and Belarus, one of the last primary forests in Eastern Europe and a site of a current migration crisis where thousands of refugees seek to enter into the EU. We met there a network of local women aid volunteers who talked to us about their work, took us into the forest, reflected with us on the history of violence in the region, and allowed us to document their interactions with a group of refugees.  

The first screening of the film took place on December 2nd, 2023 at UnionDocs. After the screening, Kasia Winiarska from Group Granica (an association of aid volunteers working on the border) and Piotr Goldstein who works at Centre for East European and International Studies (ZOiS) and the German Centre for Integration and Migration Research (DeZIM) join the filmmakers via Zoom to discuss the situation on the ground and attitudes toward migration in Central Europe respectively. The panel was moderated by Maria S. Grewe.

This project is supported by the Queens Arts Fund and the Puffin Foundation.

Film by Tusia Dabrowska
Sound by Wiktor Freifeld
Produced by Nina Gielen
Associate Producer: Maria S. Grewe
Cinematography: Janek Roszkowski, Tusia Dabrowska, Marcin Pawlukiewicz, Wiktor Freifeld

(c) tusia dabrowska