na_miętnie. (2011) Tusia Dabrowska, Maciek Czeredys and Tomek Januchta, as well as Antoni Grzymala and Clara Schuhmacher.
na_miętnie is an architectural poem that explores early stages of love through sculpture, vertical garden, and sound.

In Polish, czuję do Ciebie mięte or, I feel minty for you, is a once-innocent and now perhaps charming, if outdated, way to say one has a crush on someone. na_miętnie, or, with passion, holds within it mint, mięta.

Tusia and Maciek Czeredys conceived this project as a way to celebrate their neighborhood, one of the poorest in Warsaw, and the community that lives there. Inside a split cylinder designed by Maciek, the duo placed 200 mint plants and a sound installation. Tusia and Tomek recorded strangers saying “I love you” and Antoni built a system that played the sound. Clara, Tusia’s longest collaborator, provided advice and support.

na_miętnie was premiered at the Nizio Gallery in Warsaw, Poland on August 20, 2011 in a show curated by Paulina Jeriorek. It was additionally included in ŻÓŁTA LINIA also in Warsaw, which ran from December 28, 2011 -January 14, 2012.

(c) tusia dabrowska