The New Women’s Space Program (2019-20) 
Tusia Dabrowska and Wiktor Podgorski with Sara Batkie, Maria Hupfield, Clara Schuhmacher, and others. THIS IS A CLUMSYCOOL PRODUCTION.

KonventZero Residency (Berga, Spain, 2019); Circle1 performance (Berlin, 2019); EdgeCut performance (NYC, 2020)
A woman astronaut is sent on a solo mission to Mars. Haunted by visions of cross-generational trauma, she feels the need to crash her spacecraft. Will she reach her destination?


THE NEW WOMEN’S SPACE PROGRAM: SALLY RIDE is a devised immersive experience/performance by Tusia Dabrowska and Wiktor Podgorski with Sara Batkie (provocations), Maria Hupfield (object activations on video), and guest artists including Brookhart Janquil (light sculptures at Soft Surplus) and Jonathan Taylor (movement design). Additional vocals by Clara Ines Schuhmacher.

We’ve performed Provocation 1 at KonventZero, Circle1 (Berlin), Celestial FutureX at Soft Surplus (Brooklyn). In January 2020, we also hosted an open rehearsal at Alchemical Studios. And in February 2020, Tusia performed the piece at EdgeCut, a new performance festival out of New Inc.


A young pilot named after Sally Ride agrees to have implants put into her brain to safely dock a spacecraft on Mars with an A.I.’s assistance. As her mission appears to be failing, the cross-generation trauma of migration begins to affect the pilot’s decisions. The A.I. video documents her deterioration. Will Sally Ride safely land?

Valentina Tereshkova, now in her 80s, is determined to find water on Mars. Alone, she is setting up the first human colony. The A.I. implanted in her head warns her against the dangers of her mission, but she knows this technology was designed by men—even more, American men, and she does not trust it. Will Valentina find water on Mars?

Tereshkova is lonely and against the directives she received, she wants to come back home. Via headset, Sally Ride guides her back to Earth. The journey back gives them time to grow close. Will Valentina make it back? And what happened to the A.I.?

We are grateful to MITU580 for considering us for their fall 2020 Lab Residency, and the Orchard Project’s Liveness Lab for providing us with an opportunity to investigate the next steps.

(c) tusia dabrowska